Whitney + James

March 29, 2022


These two… I don’t have the words to describe how excited I am for their wedding this year. They are both sweethearts and you can just tell how much they adore each other when they’re together. We had so much fun hanging out for their engagement session at Eno River State Park and just joking around. We chatted with them for nearly 2 hours at dinner after their engagement session!!

These two have been together for nearly 10 years after meeting in high school chorus class. James was immediately interested in Whitney when they first met but she was only interested in reading her books at the time! She was so nervous when he asked her to junior prom that she couldn’t even say yes – all she did was giggle and hug him! This lead to a running joke that when he officially asks her to marry him she would have to say “yes!” immediately so there’s a definitive answer ???? I mean…. I can relate!

James decided to propose after nearly 7 years together after numerous trips visiting all the restaurants for delicious food, collecting all of the books Whitney could read, and countless board game and D&D nights with friends. He planned a photo session with a family friend photographer to get some photos together. James told the photographer he was going to propose and they devised a plan! During the session, the photographer asked when they were planning to get married and James played along with an eye roll. He then said “actually, let’s practice to make sure you’ll say yes!” He got down on one knee, used her promise ring as a decoy, and proposed – she immediately said yes.

When she was completely faked out, James said “You know, you’ve had this ring for almost 7 years. I think it’s time I gave you a new one”. He pulled out her engagement ring and proposed for real, anxiously awaiting her shocked response – and she waited 3 whole seconds before responding! Poor James had his life flash before his eyes, but Whitney of course said yes for real! Whitney’s engagement ring is actually alexandrite instead of a diamond. We bonded over how pretty the stone is and how it changes color depending on the light! I had a class ring with this exact stone since it’s my birthstone so it was cool to see the stone featured in her ring!

Advice For Couples Planning E-Session

From James: “Chapstick before! Lots of water before! Kiss starve yourself for a day or so before. Because boy oh boy you’ll kiss a lot. But if you can get passed that, the rest is easy.

From Whitney: “Dress comfortably, so you feel like you aren’t afraid to move. You’ll basically spend the whole session bouncing around with your partner, so as long as you’re comfortable the rest will come easier. Otherwise you’ll be thinking too hard.

I seriously can’t wait for their spring wedding coming up so soon. For now I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images of their engagement session at Eno River State Park!

eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement
eno river state engagement

You can check out Whitney + James’s full engagement session at Eno River State Park here.

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