November 30, 2020


I’ve had a passion for boudoir since I started this business 4 years ago. I even did a boudoir session with a past bride in 2013 – insane, right?! Well along the way I’ve been holding boudoir sessions here and there while actively learning as much as I can to help my clients feel at ease as well as look their absolute best during their session. In January of this year (pre-pandemic – little did I know, hahahahahahaha) I attended the Likha Workshop which focused on boudoir photography education located here in Durham, North Carolina.

This workshop was a 2 full-day intensive in-person format with a total of 6 shoots: 4 ladies and 2 couples. I was completely nervous going into the workshop as I’ve only done a handful of sessions, but this workshop gave me so much confidence! I was envisioning exactly what I wanted, giving directions while simultaneously showing them how to pose, and challenging myself by directing two humans instead of just one through an intimate experience. This was additionally challenging because I had to focus on using the light differently with the location and the other photographers but luckily this location in North Carolina offered plenty of beautiful white light for a boudoir session!

Our first lady was Naomi, who was such a sweetheart and honestly has the most fabulous hair! As soon as we started the session, a model switch turned on and she brought absolute fire. My favorite outfit of hers was the blue bodysuit but maybe I’m just biased because it’s one of our new brand colors!

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite shots of Naomi’s boudoir session!

This corner was absolute magic with the light and cozy throw over the chair!

And of course no boudoir session is complete without a booty shot!

If you would like to see Naomi’s whole boudoir session, hop on over to the full gallery here!



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