Laurel + Travis

April 28, 2023


Y’all, I don’t think there are enough words for me to describe just how magical Laurel + Travis’s engagement session in downtown Raleigh was. These two are just the sweetest humans and they arrived ready to love on each other and enjoy every second wandering downtown Raleigh. The way they interact with each other is just so gentle and they clearly enjoy simply spending time together.

We met up with these two last September for their engagement session and walked around downtown Raleigh enjoying they scenery and the beautiful, sunny weather. We started at the State Capitol Building with its stunning architecture which was the perfect compliment to their fancier attire. They were all smiles and giggles as soon as we started and never went away throughout our time together. Travis has a special ability to make Laurel belly laugh which made for some amazing photos!

After staying at the State Capitol building for a little bit, we started exploring the city. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of engagement sessions is just chatting and getting to know all of our wonderful couples. These two sweethearts actually met through Snapchat by way of a mutual friend. Laurel added Travis as a friend on the platform and they started texting back and forth for several months. Their original first date plan was to go to the movies, but Travis switched up their plans so they could talk more over dinner. Laurel was nervous but in the end they were at dinner for over 4 hours! Travis knew pretty quickly Laurel was special and he surprised her with a proposal at a family photo session… seriously so cute!!

We finished up their session at the colorful wall at the Marbles Kids Museum. These are literally some of my favorite images EVER! Laurel + Travis were so easy going and absolutely trusted every idea we threw their way. We also made sure to capture their matching butterfly tattoos on their fingers – seriously, how cute?!

To say we’re excited for their upcoming wedding this May would be a massive understatement! I know it’s going to be a wonderful day filled with so much joy, love, and laughs all around. For now I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from their engagement session in downtown Raleigh!

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