Katherine + Rahul

May 12, 2023


I met up with Katherine + Rahul for their engagement session at the Raleigh Rose Garden in early April! Although peak rose bloom season is May, we were still able to find a few small buds here and there. We had the absolute best weather with a warm, sunny day! The Raleigh Rose Garden provided the perfect ambience for us to get to know each other while grabbing some amazing photos to celebrate their engagement! It also happens to be one of few gardens in the area that’s do friendly.

Katherine + Rahul both went to Georgetown University at the same time, but they met each other afterwards through Hinge! After realizing they had multiple mutual friends, they decided to meet up even in the midst of the pandemic starting. Their first date was a lovely little picnic by the water with sandwiches from Wisey’s. They knew they had a special connection despite disagreeing on which sandwich was better, the Hot Chick or the Chicken Madness.

Several years and even more board games later, Rahul proposed while they were on a weekend trip to Asheville. The proposal was reminiscent of their first date with a picnic and enjoying the scenery together. And after meeting them and chatting with them for a bit, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment for these two sweet humans!

They brought their cute pup Poppy, and y’all, she is just the absolute sweetest! She is so gentle and wants to make friends with all of the humans. Poppy was so well behaved and just stayed put when we weren’t including her in the photos. I honestly could have just pet her all day!!

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from their engagement session at the Raleigh Rose Garden!

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