Angela + Ryan

November 30, 2020


Angela + Ryan chose William B. Umstead State Park for the first half of their engagement session because they wanted the beautiful fall colors to emulate their fall wedding next year at the Old Lystra Inn (one of our favorite venues to work with)!! They wanted a woodsy vibe without having to go trekking through deep woods, so the large walking path at Umstead was perfect for creating that woodsy feel while still being plenty wide open.

Angela is a software engineer and Ryan is in school earning his degree in logistics, which is definitely a useful trade in time of shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic! We chatted for about 15 minutes as we walked to the perfect location to avoid heavy foot traffic and they were both just super sweet the entire time.

Every couple we work with tells us in the beginning that they are awkward and a little nervous about how their upcoming session. We totally get that because we are also super awkward turtles ourselves! But honestly, after we get over the first 20 minutes of we-never-do-this-in-our-life awkwardness, everyone relaxes and sees the session for what it really is: a time to relax, have some fun, play some games, and kiss on your partner… with some great photos in the end of course! Angela + Ryan really opened up and were able to have a great time with kissing attacks, twirls in the middle of the woods, and even participated in a piggy back ride! Ryan got so into the session he even pointed out a tree he saw and wanted to get photos with.

It’s such a joy when our couples really get into their sessions and start enjoying themselves. There’s definitely a point when the walls start breaking down and couples understand the dorkier you feel, the better the time you have goofing off with one another and subsequently the more genuine your images look! Angela + Ryan absolutely nailed their session and we can’t wait to capture a second session sometime in the spring (looking at you COVID-19) and again to celebrate their wedding with them in October 2021!

But for now, I hope you enjoy a few of our favorite photos from their Umstead State Park engagement session!

We were just about done but then the sun came out and we just HAD to continue!

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