Alissa + Aaron

December 19, 2020


We met up with Alissa + Aaron at the Pleasure House Point Natural Area in Virginia Beach for their engagement session. We actually had amazing weather for late November with sunny skies, thin, wispy clouds, and 60 degrees! It was so nice that before the session we took our doggos to the VA Beach boardwalk and enjoyed watching Goober try so hard to chase the seagulls that he had literally a 0% chance of catching!

Alissa + Aaron have been together for 9 years after meeting at a bar in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They recently moved to Norfolk for her job as a nurse anesthetist while Aaron was doing in hardscaping. Since moving he’s been able to work more at his hobby of building furniture – his favorite pieces to build are coffee tables! They’ve been settling in and learning the area over the past few months and have found a few favorite local breweries in the area! They wanted to incorporate one of their favorites in their session so we hung out at Commonwealth Brewing Co. after s[ending the afternoon exploring the outdoors!

These two have the most adorable doggo as well who happens to share a name as one of our little furballs, Penelope, but they nickname her “boo-boo” instead of “pen-pen” like us. Alissa’s brother actually found little Penelope but Alissa + Aaron fell in love with the cutie pie and decided to keep her. So naturally Penelope had to make a guest appearance at their engagement session and she definitely played a starring role in her cute floral collar!

We had such a great time hanging around the park with these three and I hope you enjoy a few of our favorite shots of their engagement session at Pleasure House Point Nature Area and Commonwealth Brewing Co.!

Penelope was so well-behaved! She looked at the camera and wanted to be held!

Seriously, how adorable is little Penelope?!

If you would like to view Alissa + Aaron’s full gallery, you can check it out here.



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