Jennifer + Nicolas

March 24, 2023


Y’all, I have been dreaming of a couples session at Playa Forti in Curacao for nearly 4 years! Let me back up and explain.

My parents moved to Curacao back in 2019 for work. While they were living the island life, Alex and I visited them on 3 separate occasions to join in their adventure as much as we could! My dad planned all sorts of activities for us to do. One activity was to hike Christoffel Mountain and eat lunch at the Restaurant Playa Forti restaurant. I’ fell in love quickly’ve never fallen in love so quickly!

One of the highlights of Playa Forti is the stunning cliff that outlines the southern edge of the beach! You’re greeted with stunning views of the Caribbean sea when you arrive. You immediately hear the sound of waves crashing into the cliff. Restaurant Playa Forti sits right on the edge of the cliff giving you beautiful views of the crystal clear water. The food and drink are delicious and this place is hands down my favorite eatery on the island. But this restaurant is also unique because you can eat food and a show! Locals and visitors alike jump from the cliff into the turquoise water below and you have front row seats at the restaurant. This 40ft cliff is what makes Playa Forti the destination for adventurers in Curacao. And yes, I’ve made this jump… twice!

I fell in love with this little beach immediately and I knew I wanted to photograph a session here. 

Fast forward to this past winter. I was telling Jennifer about my dream of having a couples session at Playa Forti. Jennifer’s partner, Nicolas, just happened to have a trip planned to visit Curacao. Long story short, Jennifer and I hopped on a plane to fulfill my dream!

Jennifer + Nicolas’ couples session at Playa Forti was honestly so surreal. We had the most beautiful sunny weather and were surrounded by the coolest rocky cliffs around the beach. I almost had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but the rocky shells lining the beach did that for me. Reminder: wear water shoes next time! Jennifer + Nicolas  were so easy going and were just excited to be together for a week since she lives in the U.S. while he is in Colombia. Playa Forti provided the perfect backdrop for their couples session and I think we all had a blast during this little adventure!

Honestly, I can’t wait to go back and do another couples session at Playa Forti in Curacao! Who’s with me?! Bonus points if you’re willing to jump off the cliff for a unique photo…

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