Dan + Bryan

Dan + Bryan were a BLAST to work with! These two wonderful gentlemen tied the knot at the gorgeous OM Sanctuary in Asheville, NC on May 28, 2017. As you can probably see from these photos, Dan has quite an outgoing and exuberant personality, which made their wedding day all that much more enjoyable to be a part of. Breaking with tranditions, Dan + Bryan decided to get ready and dressed for their big day in the same suite together, and watching them work on each others finishing touches was an adorable sight. Their wedding cake was an impressive accomplishment too, as the elegant white icing revealed a 6-layer rainbow cake once cut. Also, those male mermaids on the cake-topper really spoke to me! ♥

Thank you, Dan + Bryan, for allowing us to capture your wedding day, and congratulations! YAY!

Venue: OM Sanctuary Asheville, NC
Catering: OM Sanctuary, Chris DeWilde Asheville, NC
Florist: Shady Grove Flowers, Courtney Bloomfield Asheville, NC
Officiant: Real Life Communication, Becky Sansbury Raleigh-Durham, NC
DJ: Blisslyke Sounds, Sheena Morris & Ruben Catinchi Raleigh, NC
Videography: Asheville Videography, Kris Thompson Asheville, NC
Cake: Lynne Tyeryar

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th 2017

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